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The COVID global pandemic impacted my employability (at least in ways I have been accustomed to working). 2020 offered more opportunities to ‘gig’ than there were full-time permanent roles that were a mutual ‘fit’.


As the “gigs” continued to come, my interest in this type of work increased. Working with different learning and talent management professionals across industries in a boundaryless marketplace is exciting.


I’m offered the opportunity to lend the depth of my expertise where needed while extending my reach and ability to impact across the globe. My portfolio of work is diverse, which makes work for me, interesting and fun. I’d love to help catapult your team to its next level of success.

I help individuals, teams, and organizations
solve problems so that they can

make things happen.

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which role your business needs me to play?

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You need someone to design expertise learning and culture-shifting programs for your employees, team, etc. If this is you, you need:

You’ve defined your talent goals, outcomes, and success measures and seek expertise to execute plans. If this is you, you need:

an architect

A strategic partner who collaborates with your organization to design enterprise learning, leadership, and culture programs.

a conduit

Interim HR support that supports organizations in deploying essential programs or initiatives as a talent management SME or master facilitator.

You’re looking to move your talent strategy from conceptualization to execution and need to define and design go-forward plans and deliverables. If this is you, you need:

a thought leader

A “go-to” for leadership and organizational development, sharing insights and best practices with your company or HR & training organizations.

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My Previous Partners


Angela is an amazing partner who demonstrates courage and insight to implement new and innovative ways to develop leaders. Working with her to bring blended learning to senior leaders in her organization was refreshing because of her passion for the business and the people, and her depth of expertise in leadership development. She’s a straight talker who meticulously includes all the right people in decision making to gain different perspectives and support, and dots every 'i' and crosses every 't' for flawless execution.

—  Marcia Dolby, Global Solutions at Harvard Business Publishing 
Corporate Learning, Principal Learning Partner 

In case you're wondering...


Angela’s professional career spans government, non-profit, education, retail, energy, and food & beverage. The common thread throughout her career has been – building people and propelling them forward. Early in her career, she worked as a juvenile probation officer and trained court advocates assigned to abused children. She’s also worked as an adjunct professor and has consulted within the faith community on various people-related issues. However, most of her career has been in the corporate sector, in the energy industry.

For a decade, Angela led enterprise-wide talent development at Southern Company Gas (formerly AGL Resources), an energy services holding company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. At the peak of her corporate career, she supported 32 functional business units across 15 states. In this capacity, Angela influenced staff and leadership development and employee and business partner engagement, all of which contributed to improving operational results. She drove the design, implementation, and evaluation of custom interventions and enterprise solutions that enhanced individual, divisional, strategic business unit, and organizational performance across the employee life cycle. In 2016, she was honored with the Customer Excellence Award for Achievement in Talent Management from the American Management Association.


Angela is a proud HBCU graduate, having earned her Bachelor’s degree from Spelman College. She continued her academic pursuits by earning a Master’s degree from Georgia State University and a Doctorate of Strategic Leadership from Regent University. She also holds professional certifications in Human Resources (SPHR), coaching (Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching) and is a certified John Maxwell team member.