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Transforming Talent: A Fast-Casual Dining Restaurant's Journey to Success

PROGRAMMATIC-Fast Food - Casual Dining.png

Client: Fast-Casual Dining Restaurant

CHALLENGE: A fast-casual dining restaurant strongly desired to develop talent and drive results through servant leadership principles. They recognized the need for operational expertise to design and implement a comprehensive learning program to empower their leaders at all levels – corporate, store, and franchises. The goal was to create a virtual learning experience that would effectively engage participants and foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

Created2Catapult was engaged as a third-party vendor with Judge Learning Solutions, a leading corporate learning solutions provider, to leverage its talent management expertise to create a transformational servant leadership program. More specifically, Dr. Angela was a subject matter expert, content developer, and lead facilitator throughout the project.

Modular Virtual Learning Experience:
The learning program was a modular virtual learning program with four distinct modules. These modules addressed leaders’ unique needs and challenges in the fast-casual dining industry – supporting corporate functions and stores (including franchises). This format allowed for flexibility and accessibility, ensuring that all leaders, regardless of location, could participate in the learning experience.

Blended Learning Approach:
The program incorporated various learning modalities, including motion graphic videos, eLearning modules, instructor-led training sessions, surveys, action plans, and follow-up activities. These diverse learning materials and methods ensured a comprehensive and interactive learning journey for the leaders.

Subject Matter Expertise and Content Development:
Created2Catapult also provided subject matter expertise on servant leadership principles and best practices. Dr. Angela collaborated with the Judge team members and the restaurant's internal stakeholders to develop relevant and impactful content for each module. The content focused on building leadership competencies, fostering a customer-centric mindset, and driving operational excellence through servant leadership.

Brandon Hall Group Excellence Gold Award:
The prestigious Brandon Hall Group recognized the project's outstanding results and innovative approach. The learning program received a Brandon Hall Group Excellence Gold award for Excellence in Learning, specifically for the Best Use of a Blended Learning Program. This recognition highlighted the effectiveness and impact of the virtual learning experience in driving talent development and operational improvement within the fast-casual dining restaurant.

Through the implementation of Created2Catapult's operational expertise, the fast-casual dining restaurant successfully launched a transformative virtual learning program. The modular and blended learning approach gave leaders valuable knowledge, skills, and tools to embody servant leadership principles and drive results. The program's accessibility and engaging content contributed to the organization's continuous learning and improvement culture.

The recognition from the Brandon Hall Group Excellence Gold Award further validated the success of the learning program. The restaurant's leaders were equipped with the necessary competencies to enhance customer experiences, drive operational excellence, and develop their teams effectively. By leveraging Created2Catapult's operational expertise, the fast-casual dining restaurant achieved its goal of developing talent and creating a servant leadership-driven culture that positively impacted business outcomes.

Driving Impact: Programmatic Solutions for a $1M Multi-Year Grant Recipient

PROGRAMMATIC-Lilly Foundation.png

Client: Lilly Foundation Grantee

BACKGROUND: A distinguished grantee, recipient of a $1M multi-year grant from Eli Lilly & Company's private philanthropic foundation, sought to enhance the leadership capabilities of their participating leaders. They recognized the importance of custom leadership learning and developmental experiences to maximize the impact of their grant initiatives. Created2Catapult was selected as their trusted partner to deliver comprehensive programmatic solutions.

Created2Catapult embarked on a transformative journey to design, develop, and deploy tailored programmatic solutions for the grantee's participating leaders, ensuring long-term success and sustainable growth.

Customized Leadership Learning and Development:
Recognizing the participants’ unique needs, Created2Catapult designed custom leadership learning and developmental experiences. These experiences were specifically curated to address the leadership challenges and opportunities within the context of the grant initiatives. CREATED2CATAPULT's expertise and understanding of the pharmaceutical industry allowed for highly relevant and impactful content.

90-Day Virtual Coaching Program:
In 2021, Created2Catapult introduced a 90-day virtual coaching program comprising one-on-one and group sessions. This program offered personalized support and guidance to the participating leaders, fostering their professional growth and enhancing their leadership capabilities. The virtual format ensured accessibility and flexibility for the leaders, allowing them to engage in the coaching program seamlessly.

Ongoing Program Management:
Created2Catapult is committed to annually managing the 90-day virtual coaching program, ensuring continuous support and development for the grantee's leaders. By maintaining this program through 2025, Created2Catapult ensures the sustainability of the leadership development initiatives and enables the grantee's leaders to reinforce their skills and knowledge over time.

Behavioral Assessments and Leadership Workshops:
Created2Catapult delivers behavioral assessments and facilitates leadership workshops as part of ongoing programmatic solutions. The assessments provide valuable insights into the leaders' behavioral styles, strengths, and areas for development. The leadership workshops are tailored to the specific needs of participants, enhancing their leadership competencies and effectiveness.

Through the implementation of programmatic solutions by Created2Catapult, the grantee experienced substantial growth and development in their participating leaders. The customized leadership learning and developmental experiences empowered the leaders to drive impactful outcomes aligned with the grant initiatives. The 90-day virtual coaching program, ongoing program management, behavioral assessments, and leadership workshops collectively contributed to enhancing leadership capabilities, fostering collaboration, and ultimately maximizing the grantee's impact.

As the grantee continues to work towards their mission with the support of Created2Catapult, they are well-positioned to make a lasting difference in their industry and community. The programmatic solutions provided by CREATED2CATAPULT have helped shape a generation of exceptional leaders, enabling them to meet the challenges of the pharmaceutical industry with confidence and excellence.

Turbocharge Success: Empowering a $100M Multi-Year Capital Project for Maximum Impact

STRATEGIC-Capital Project.png

Client: Utility Company

CHALLENGE: A utility company embarked on a significant $100 million multi-year capital project. It recognized the opportunity to leverage this initiative to develop critical and high-potential talent within their organization. However, as the project progressed, they encountered challenges with team dynamics and the need to optimize overall team performance.

The utility company partnered with Created2Catapult, a certified boutique HR consulting firm specializing in Talent Management, to design and implement custom solutions that would address the identified challenges and enhance the strategic capabilities of the project team.

1:1 Career Conversations:
Created2Catapult initiated the process by conducting individual 1:1 career conversations with the key talent involved in the capital project. These conversations allowed a deeper understanding of their career aspirations, goals, and development needs. It provided an opportunity to align the project's objectives with the individual's career growth, ensuring a win-win situation for both the project and the talent.

Behavioral Assessments for Individuals and Teams:
To gain insights into the strengths and areas of improvement for both individuals and the project team, Created2Catapult administered behavioral assessments. These assessments comprehensively understood the team members' behavioral styles, preferences, and communication approaches. The results were a foundation for developing targeted interventions to enhance team dynamics and collaboration.

Team Assimilation:
Recognizing the importance of establishing strong team cohesion and alignment from the outset, Created2Catapult facilitated a team assimilation process. This involved structured activities and exercises to foster trust, open communication, and mutual understanding among team members. The team assimilation process helped build a solid foundation for effective collaboration and synergy within the project team.

Behavioral Assessment-Based Sessions:
Created2Catapult facilitated two behavioral assessment-based sessions focused on trust, communication, and conflict as the project evolved and dynamics emerged, impacting optimal team performance. These sessions provided a safe space for team members to openly discuss and address challenges, share feedback, and develop strategies to enhance their interactions and teamwork. The behavioral assessments served as a framework for understanding individual differences and finding common ground, resulting in improved team dynamics and overall project effectiveness.

By leveraging Created2Catapult's strategic capabilities, the utility company successfully transformed its $100 million multi-year capital project into a valuable developmental opportunity for critical and high-potential talent. The custom solutions, including 1:1 career conversations, behavioral assessments for individuals and teams, and team assimilation, enabled the project team to overcome challenges and achieve optimal performance. The facilitated sessions focused on trust, communication, and conflict resolution, enhanced team dynamics, fostering a collaborative and high-performing environment.

As a result of the strategic capabilities provided by Created2Catapult, the utility company not only successfully executed the capital project but also nurtured the growth and development of its talent, creating a sustainable foundation for future projects and organizational success.

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